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Securikey Safes

'Master Lock' Range

(Prices range from £79.99 - £839.99)

Our vaults are perfect for the safekeeping of cash and other small valuables for personal and light commercial use. They can be integrated into existing security systems and are able to meet a variety of needs and environments.

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'Mini Vault Silver S2' Range

(Prices range from £339.99 - £731.99)

The recently enhanced Mini Vault Silver range of freestanding safes offers an incredibly robust security solution for safekeeping cash and valuables and is ideal for a wide range of applications, including domestic properties, hotel rooms and offices.  (Cash Rating £4,000)

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'Mini Vault Gold S2 Fire Resistant' Range

(Prices range from £389.99 - £803.99)

The Mini Vault Gold Fire Resistant range of fire safes has been constructed using a special double-walled design using a fire resistant barrier material that meets standard DIN 4102.
(Cash Rating £4,000)


The Euro Grade Range

The Euro Grade safes are constructed from solid steel, fitted with steel sliding bolts and are independently tried and tested to ensure their quality.

As well as featuring a single security key lock, these excellent and reliable safes have a variety of locking options and sizes.

(Cash Rating £6,000 to £100,000)

Euro Grade 0 - Cash Rating £6,000

(Prices range from £1,053.99 - £1,982.99)

Euro Grade 1 - Cash Rating £10,000

(Prices range from £1,164.99 - £8,055.99)

Euro Grade 2 - Cash Rating £17,500

(Prices range from £2,589.99- £12,545.99)

Euro Grade 3 - Cash Rating £35,000

(Prices range from £3,779.99 - £13,100.99)

Euro Grade 4 - Cash Rating £60,000

(Prices range from £5,048.99 - £16,241.99

Euro Grade 5 - Cash Rating £100,000

(Prices range from £7,823.99 - £19,299.99)

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